San Diego Bay Prospect

CopperBank has initiated a Summer 2017 work program at the San Diego Prospect.  The program will consist mainly of prospecting and soil sampling over areas presenting historical anomalous copper and gold values.  This program will enable our team to verify the presence of copper and gold mineralisation and help prioritize future exploration work on this extensive prospective region.  A map of the work area can be found below.


The San Diego Bay prospect is typified by an extensive 40 square kilometre area of gossan, strong hydrothermal alteration and intrusive rocks, consistent with porphyry systems such as the adjacent Pyramid deposit. All porphyry alteration facies have been observed, including zones of potassic, advanced argillic, phyllic and pyrite zones; previous landsat imagery has identified widespread zones of high-temperature clay alteration.  Strongly anomalous precious and base metal values were collected by previous operators; an important consideration for exploration is that the adjacent Pyramid deposit hosts a leach cap of 10 to 100 meters in thickness, and underlain by a supergene enrichment blanket. Cobbles of copper oxide mineralization have been identified by local, Aleut shareholders on beaches adjacent to the alteration zone. Interpretations suggest that San Diego Bay may represent overlapping hydrothermal systems, including potential lithocaps. San Diego Bay represents a Tier-1 sized porphyry target with an excellent location.

San Diego Bay colour alteration


  • Located seven km southeast of Pyramid.
  • Part of Pyramid Option Agreement.
  • San Diego Bay is a massive 40 square km area of gossan and pervasive argillic, phyllic, potassic alteration.
  • Largest colour anomaly in Southern Alaska (Tier 1 porphyry target).
  • Alteration is contiguous with Pyramid; possible lithocap (suggested three overlapping).
  • Historic sampling returned high-grade Au-Ag-Cu-Pb-Zn.
  • Very limited exploration for the size of the prospect.


Pyramid and San Diego Bay Concessions 2

Copper Anomalies 2011 Rock Samples

Gold Anomalies 2011 Rock Samples