Alaska Projects

CopperBank has an option to obtain 100% of the Pyramid Copper Project, and San Diego Bay Prospect located on Aleut Corporation lands on the Alaska Peninsula. Often considered a top-tier mining jurisdiction, due to well established mining laws, Alaska has some of the largest known copper and gold deposits in the world.

Project Details:

  • Pyramid is located on private property with the subsurface controlled by The Aleut Native Corporation.
  • Project is 4 km from tidewater, ~25 km from Sand Point, AK, located on the 55th parallel.
  • Drilling in 2010, 2011 & 2012 (7,486m) established an initial inferred resource (SRK 2013).
  • CopperBank drilled ~3,600m in 2017 with the aim to update and increase the historical resource.

How Did CopperBank Obtain Pyramid?

  • Antofagasta satisfied the original option agreement with the subsurface owners, The Aleut Corporation.
  • CopperBank obtained the overall option agreement from Antofagasta in 2014.
  • CopperBank as an option to earn a 100% interest from Antofagasta by paying USD $150,000 by March 2019 and issuing 1 M shares of CBK.
  • Additionally, upon a construction decision at Pyramid only, CopperBank pays Antofagasta USD $5.5 M & upon commencement of commercial production USD $2.5 M.
  • San Diego Bay has no payments to Antofagasta.

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The Aleutian Islands and the Alaska Peninsula represent an island arc formed by the Pacific Ocean plate diving under the North American plate.This region represents a classic island-arc volcanic setting that has received limited modern exploration which is prospective for both epithermal gold, and porphyry copper-gold mineralizing systems. Epithermal and porphyry-type deposits are found near oceanic plate subduction zones. The Aleutian Islands is the only island arc environment in the Pacific “Ring of Fire” without a major mine in production (due to lack of exploration). A number of historic deposits and mines in the area prove the existence of epithermal and porphyry-style mineralization. These deposits provide a geological template for new discoveries as well as the potential for expansion. CopperBank’s option is for one of the most geologically prospective areas in the State of Alaska and covers an area of 26km X 13kms (view CopperBank’s detailed claim map.)

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